Friday, September 30, 2016

How to import Android libraries from GitHub/dandar3 into Eclipse workspace

Showing you today an easier way of importing Android Support and Google Play Services libraries for Android from repositories into your Eclipse workspace.

Navigate to:

Choose the project you want to import (e.g. android-support-v7-appcompat).

Scroll down to SVN Checkout section, right-click the Team Project Set URL and choose Copy link to copy it to clipboard.

Switch to Eclipse then navigate to File > Import > Team > Team Project Set.

Paste the address into the URL field (if not already pre-populated from clipboard), then click Finish.

The download (import) may take a short while dependening on your Internet connection.

Once finished, wait for Eclipse to rebuild all projects or manually choose Project > Clean > Clean all projects and check the Start a build immediately both with Build the entire workspace option.

Then you can add the library (or libraries) as a dependency to your application.